PUZZLE ROOM Čechova 10, Prague 7
+420 603 841 483


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Escape game PUZZLE ROOM

Escape game PUZZLE ROOM

Portable game PUZZLE ROOM

Portable game PUZZLE ROOM

PUZZLE ROOM in the media

  • Czech Television was also interested in our opening.
  • Tip for a weekend program for families with children at Novinky.cz.
  • Reporters from TV Barrandov also tried PUZZLE ROOM. Report about us at 21:50 minutes.
  • Adam Snellgrove, host of the Expats Bulletin Regina radio show also visited the PUZZLE ROOM. Listen to his experiences from the game.
  • Citybee Portal presented PUZZLE ROOM as the most interesting open businesses in Prague in November. And PUZZLE ROOM, of course, should not be missed!
  • This is what you would not expect in the PUZZLE ROOM. Romantic engagement at Super.cz.
  • The French Tourmag tourism magazine mentions PUZZLE ROOM as the second best activity in Prague!


Úniková hra Stroj Času
Úniková hra Stroj Času
Úniková hra Stroj Času
Úniková hra Stroj Času


  • Great intellectual fun

    Though-through and resourceful game…beautiful decorations, it all made a sense :) We have been with two little kids – they found it the best thing of their holidays :)

    Maria P. - Tripadvisor

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An escape game as a gift?

Enough with knit socks! Give something original and unusual. It’s a bit of a cliché, but experience is the best gift you can give someone. A PUZZLE ROOM, an escape game full of fun, tension and deduction, is indeed a real experience.

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